Follow Maestro Max's lead to some of the best online resources for music education and exploration.


Music Educators National Conference (MENC)

MENC is an organization of more than 70,000 music educators dedicated to providing a complete education to every child in America. Search job postings, music news, classroom resources, publications, industry contacts and conference information.

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
MTNA is a non-profit organization of 24,000 independent and collegiate music teachers. Read their helpful guide to choosing a music teacher, explore professional resources and search a list of certified members.

American Orff-Schulwerk Association
AOSA is a professional organization of music and movement educators dedicated to a creative teaching approach. Research information on local chapters, plus conferences, grants and scholarships, and teacher training.

Organization of American Kodaly Educators
This organization promotes the concept of "music for everyone" through the improvement of music education in the schools. Resources include publications, conference information, training opportunities and related job postings.

Music Education Online
This guide to K-12 music education resources on the Internet includes interactive bulletin boards for posting questions on lesson plans and many more music links.

American Music Conference
AMC 's goal is to build credibility for music and music education, especially at an early age, and to expand that portion of the population that enjoys and makes its own music.

Yahoo-Music Education
This search engine has compiled a variety of music education links, including camps and festivals, companies, conferences, publications and schools and university programs.

Macmillan/McGraw Hill School Division - Music
Visit the leading publisher of K-8 educational materials to learn about their Share the Music series. Get information on their music textbooks, software, videos and audio CDs.

Find rare fine stringed instruments and bows for sale from dealers around the world and research their price history, or download sheet music with the appropriate piano accompaniment and matching MIDI files. A good portion of this information is free, however some items require a fee.

This Day in Music History

Mr.Holland's Opus Foundation
Learn what one organization is doing to improve the quality of music education.
Parents can locate nearby music educators and educators can list their services or share resources in the teacher's lounge.


Music Search
This music-only search engine also features a new music site of the day and week, artists, events and music news

The All-Music Guide
Great search engine for music. Search by artist, song, style or label.

Harmony Central
This robust site covers the latest music industry news, links to music publications and offers links to sites related to Guitar, Bass, MIDI, Keyboard and Synths, Computers & Music, Software and more.

Music Yellow Pages
Find industry trade shows, music dealers and phone numbers for almost anything related to the music industry in the Music Yellow Pages 26,000 listings.

Worldwide Internet Music Resources
Search for individual musicians of all genres, pop groups, journals, magazines and composers from this site.

The Grammies
Learn about the process and history of selecting Grammy winners and browse this years winners from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences - The primary source of employment for musicians nationwide, established 31 years. Jobs and resumes are updated online daily.


Violin Making
A sequential description of the construction of a violin. You'll also learn about wood, varnish, glue, tools, design and instrument care.

America's Shrine to Music Museum
This museum's collections include more than 6,000 American, European and non-Western instruments from virtually all cultures and historical periods.


Classical Net
The point-of-entry to more than 2000 files about classical music and 1800 links to other related sites. Research composers, the history of a specific piece and recommended CDs.

J.S. Bach
Information about Johann Sebastian Bach.


Children's Music Web
Dedicated to music for kids, this site offers a Children's Concert Calendar, a Music Mailing List and links to other related sites.


Choral Net
Published in four different languages, the International Federation for Choral Music site features more than 1000 links to choral music-related sites and houses several e-mail lists.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Take a virtual tour of the hall of fame, hear about the inductees, enter music contests or read up on this day in music history (updated daily.)


The International Gospel Music Hall of Fame
Dedicated to the preservation and education of gospel music.